Rotterdam as the gateway to Europe offers the widest range of on-carriage solutions of your cargo. By road, rail, barge or feeder, TOP will manage it.

Road, River, Tracks always on route.

Oncarriage via the port of Rotterdam gives you a choice of different modalities or even a combination of two, multimodal or three, trimodal choices. Each having advantages such as environmental effects and costs but also disadvantages like lead time or, again, costs. TOP has broad experiences with all aspects and ready to advise and execute you with your choice.

So many possibilities, even so many providers.

Is the choice of ocean carrier taking your cargo from port to port is relatively visible. The on-carriage to your destination anywhere in Europe is due to many possibilities and consequently providers, more complicated. TOP has made the selection for you to save time., money and disappointments.

Multimodal the green way

using barge and rail for your delivery is the way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only from the port of Rotterdam you can already make a difference but if you are shipping from China please ask for our solutions from the place of loading to the place of destination. Not only you win environmental but also on transit time.