Freight Insurance

Whether you’re buying or selling, international trade involves moving goods over long distances. Whichever type of transport you use, the fast, safe carriage of cargo always involves risks. Moreover, most people in the supply chain who facilitate the movement of goods operate under conditions limiting their liability in cases of loss, damage or delay. For this reason, cargo owners should insure their import and export shipments against loss, damage or delay when in transit.

A typical cargo insurance policy covers goods in transit via road, rail, sea or air. In its simplest form it provides cover against accidental damage and other risks. The other extreme is a comprehensive all-risk policy, covering a range of specified accidents – including damage during loading.

Without insurance you have only the minimum protection for your goods because freight forwarders and carriers have limited liability in the event of loss, or damage or delay. This comes from internationally ratified conventions – see your bill of lading or sea waybill for details – and the standard trading conditions of transport associations.

We can also arrange insurance for you; just ask our staff for the options, possibilities and rates.