Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

The AEO Certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) is a certificate issued by Customs to companies that operate internationally. An AEO certificate offers companies international trade advantages. For example, they are less strictly controlled in cross-border trade, which reduces delays at borders. To get the status of Authorized Economic Operator, a company must meet a number of safety criteria. These criteria are based on the Community Customs Code and the corresponding implementing regulations.

TheĀ AEO certificate is valid throughout the European Union.
Since the introduction of the AEO certificate, the customs have two flows of goods: (i) goods from certified companies, and (ii) goods from non-certified companies. The facilities associated with the AEO certificate are:

  • less physical and document control
  • priority in checks

the holder of a certificate can ask if a check can take place at a certain location

From 1 July 2009, the holders of the Safety Certificates and the combined certificate for Customs Simplifications and Safety will receive additional facilities:

  • they receive a notification about checks in advance
  • they need to provide less data in declarations